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instantaneous wave-free ratio guided Multi-vessel revascularizatiO
During percutaneous coronary intervEntion for acute myocaRdial iNfarction.

Welcome on the website of the iMODERN Study.

​The iMODERN study will compare an iFR-guided intervention of noninfarct lesions during the acute intervention with a deferred stress perfusion CMR-guided strategy during the outpatient follow-up, to determine the optimal therapeutic approach for STEMI patients with multivessel lesions.​


More information on this exciting study and its enthusiastic study team can be found on this website.


​Thanks in advance for your interest.​


Prof. Dr. Robin Nijveldt, Cardiologist

Prof. Dr. Niels van Royen, Cardiologist

VIDEO: Prof. Dr. Robin Nijveldt and Prof. Dr. Niels van Royen from RadboudUmc would like to share a special message with you.

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